Munchkin Holiday Surprise

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Munchkin Holiday Surprise is a reprint of Christmas-themed Munchkin boosters and promo cards, plus some new stuff. It consists of 68 cards (39 Doors and 29 Treasures) and contains the following:

Cards from Munchkin: Waiting For Santa
Cards from Munchkin: Santa's Revenge
Cards from Munchkin Reindeer Games
Cards from Munchkin Naughty & Nice
Two Christmas-themed cards from the various Exclusive Warehouse 23 Munchkin Boosters: Gift Card (2012), and Stocking Stuffers (2010)
Two Christmas-themed Munchkin Promo Cards: Nativity Scene, Santa's Little Elvis
Four cards not yet released (see below)
Christmas-themed Kill-O-Meter
Two Munchkin d6s, one pearlescent red and one pearlescent green

New cards:

Regift (Door)
Ornaments (Treasure)
Pum-Pa-Pum Rum (Treasure)
House Shoes(Treasure)