Finding cards on the new Battle Wizards Online store

Finding cards on the new Battle Wizards Online store

Posted by Aaron Facoline on 28th Oct 2018

Searching for cards

The new Battle Wizards Online store will only display cards that are currently in stock. The new site also has a more advanced search function where cards can be found by color, rarity, type, or keyword abilities on the card. By simply typing a card name in to the search, the search will return all cards with relative names or card text, for example by typing in: Birds of Paradise, the search will find birds of paradise but it will also find all cards with the word birds, of and paradise in the card name, card text and card type. This method can work but is not the most effective when trying to build decks.

Searching for cards Effectively

Using the same example as above, we want to find only Birds of Paradise. This can be done by enclosing our search in quotes ("birds of paradise"). When searching like this the search will look for the exact term in quotes, eliminating any unwanted results.

Searches can also be combined, this is extremely useful when building decks. For example, if you wanted to find blue angels you would be able to search for "blue" + "angels", this will bring up all the cards that are blue and angels, or contain the word angel and blue.

A few more examples of searches that could be useful:

  • "M19" + "green" + " instant"

  • "white" + "human" + " first strike"

If no result is found, please check spelling or note that the card is out of stock.

More useful hints, deck techs and awesome articles coming soon.